Robert Dohrmann received his MFA in Painting and Drawing in 1992 at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA. He is currently a Professor of Studio Arts at The University of Oklahoma. Dohrmann's body of works over the years includes mixed media, collage, experimental video shorts and nonlinear interactive web art rooted in remix theory and practice. 


I am essentially a remix and mash up artist. Much like the appropriation artists of the late twentieth century (and going back as far as the DADA artists), I take/borrow/paraphrase useful imagery, often mid-century ephemera, recontextualize them, combine them with my own imagery, and re-distribute a finished work through various mediums. With deep roots in the copy-cut-and-paste tactics of the punk rock, do-it-yourself ethos, I freely find, clip and remediate the mediated landscape of my history and popular culture with thoughtful purpose. All of my works draw on an array of inspired American iconography to evoke viewer response to the above concepts. These culture-specific signifiers tend to impart a personal conviction as well as a familiarity to a wide audience. This verbal structure offers the viewer an index helping to illuminate or depict the meaning of the work. If my images do not appear to make sense at first, the relationships between them are nourished, and result in multiple layers of meaning when I am finally able to execute them effectively. 


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